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9 Excuses You Use to Avoid Opioid Rehab and Why They are Lies

One of the signs of Opioid addiction is making excuses for your continued drug use. These excuses are just dressed up lies and they rapidly become barriers to receiving the treatment you need. If you find yourself making these excuses to your friends and family or even to yourself, it is time to seek out an opioid addiction treatment center.

1. I Will be Forced to do Something I am not Comfortable With

Avoid Opioid Rehab

Many addicts believe they can quit on their own.

A good treatment facility will not make you do anything that you are uncomfortable with. You tell yourself this because you feel embarrassed with your own drug use and confronting it is difficult.

2. I am Different, I can do This on my Own

This is a classic. Although a small percentage of people are able to quit on their own, most people need help to quit their opioid addiction. It is one of the most difficult addictions to beat on your own. To find the help that you need call 800-821-3880 ( Who Answers?).

3. I can Stop Whenever I Want to

Once the addiction takes full control, you cannot stop on your own. The fact that you cannot control it is one of the signs of addiction. If you could stop, you probably would have before it severely impacts your life.

4. I Can’t Afford Drug Treatment

If you have health insurance chances are you can afford drug treatment. There are many payment options available for those who are low income or otherwise cannot afford drug treatment.

5. I’ve Tried Treatment Before and it Didn’t Work

Relapse is a part of addiction. Addiction is a chronic disease and according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, clients continually think of reasonable sounding excuses to relapse.

Trying one form of treatment and failing does not mean that all forms of treatment will fail. Saying that all treatment forms will not work is self defeating.

Paying for Opioid Addiction Treatment

6. I Can’t Take the Time off Work

If you are an opioid addict chances are you are already taking time off work to cover your habit. Most drug addicts miss work or school in order to obtain, use, or deal with the aftermath of their addiction. Many employers understand illness and drug addiction treatment; some even offer treatment programs to their employees.

7. Treatment Won’t Work Because I Don’t Want to Stop Using

According to the Principles of Addiction Treatment, treatment does not have to be voluntary to work. You can stop even if you do not feel as if you want to.

8. I Need the Drugs to Function, I’m in Pain

Many opioid addicts become addicts because they have chronic pain. There are other treatments for chronic pain that do not involve opioids. You will be introduced to these treatments as a part of a comprehensive opioid addiction treatment plan.

9. I Can’t Find the Right Treatment Center for Me

Finding a treatment center that is right for you is as easy as making a simple phone call. Call 800-821-3880 ( Who Answers?) and let us help you find the perfect addiction treatment center for you.

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