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5 Myths about Opioid Addiction Treatment

Millions of people enter rehab for opioid addiction each year, and yet most of what we hear about it is false. Popular culture tends to glamorize addiction treatment, as though only famous people can afford help. There is also a stigma attached to rehab, making many people afraid to receive support.   Once you realize the truth about how treatment facilities actually work, and what they offer, you’ll feel more optimistic and assured that this is the best decision for you and your future.

Don’t let these myths about opioid addiction treatment keep you from seeking the care you need and deserve. To learn more about opioid addiction treatment, call 800-466-0354 ( Who Answers?).

1. Treatment is a last resort

If you’ve ever watched TV shows such as Intervention, you likely noticed that the addicts featured had “hit rock bottom” before their loved ones decided to stage an intervention. Although this may have made for good television, it’s certainly not the goal you should reach for. Don’t wait for your addiction to take over your life.

You don’t have to be homeless or disowned by your family to seek treatment. In fact, the sooner you receive medical care, the easier it will be for you to recover. If addiction is negatively impacting your life, or you fear it will, then you have the right to request help.

2. Only famous people go to rehab

Opioid Addiction Treatment

Many addicts avoid rehab because they assume it’s too expensive.

Since the media likes to make every personal aspect of a celebrity’s life public information, it’s no surprise that we hear of their trips to drug rehab. These news stories are often accompanied with images of lavish treatment facilities, of which only the wealthy could possibly afford.

These rehabs are not the norm, nor are they more effective than cheaper treatment options. Rehab isn’t only for famous people; if anything, it just shows that celebrities are human too- with their own battles and hardships.

3. It’s too expensive

While it’s true that some options are more expensive than others, opioid addiction treatment can be affordable. Inpatient centers tend to cost more than outpatient care, due to the comprehensive treatment offered and round-the-clock assistance, but there are ways to afford it.

Many insurance plans will cover part if not the total cost of rehab. There are also payment plans that some facilities employ in order to ensure people of all economic backgrounds receive care.

4. Treatment isn’t necessary

Willpower alone is often not enough to quit opioids. They are highly addictive, and the longer you abuse them, the more dependent you become. Opioid addiction treatment centers have professional medical staff that are trained to ensure your comfort and safety while detoxing from opioids. Enduring the withdrawal symptoms without treatment heightens your risk of relapse.

Treatment centers also provide the support and structure needed to stay on track, which may not be available at home. By receiving care at a professional facility, you avoid the temptations and negative influences associated with your drug use.

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5. The withdrawal will be terrible, either way

If you think going through withdrawal alone will be the same as at a center, you’re quite mistaken. The medical staff at treatment facilities are trained specifically to reduce withdrawal symptoms in the most efficient manner possible. Supervision during an opioid detox will ensure your safety and comfort. Medication assistance will also be provided, utilizing proven effective methods.

The following prescription drugs are often used to successfully wean you off opioids:

  • Naltrexone– Used to decrease the effects of opioids and reduce cravings.
  • Buprenorphine– Helps lessen the pain associated with withdrawal.
  • Methadone– Assists with withdrawal symptoms for severe opioid and heroin addictions.
  • Antidepressants– Depression is a common symptom of withdrawal, making antidepressants a necessary part of treatment.

Opioid addiction treatment centers are the safest and most effective option for addiction recovery. Not only do they provide the initial detox and medical support, they also offer the necessary tools and advice to take with you on your lifelong journey to recovery.

Whether you’re battling addiction personally, or someone you care about needs treatment, there’s an affordable option available. Don’t wait until it’s too late, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

To learn more about opioid addiction treatment, or to find a facility near you, call 800-466-0354 ( Who Answers?).

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